We sell houses in the SouthWest Alentejo since 1991. In our way to work we try to understand each client and get the specificities and objectives of each person be them buyers, sellers, would be tenants ou any other. We like to think we work with people, not houses!
Our offices are in Vila Nova de Milfontes, and we will be glad to help you in every step necessary: Documentation, Certification, Licencing, Contracts, UTilities and so on. Everything the law may require so you can enjoy a smooth buying or selling process.
With commission of 3%, 4% and 5% with or without exclusive rights, we are flexible enough to help close any deal. By principle we recognize your right to sell your own right with any professional help. As our clients may testify though, our contact network, adverts and online presence goea long way and help greatly to optimize the timing and the value or your property.

At Carmen Luz & Simões, we are convinced that, as a buyer, seller or tenant, one would prefer the consulting of  one single agent from start to finish thats gets to know the client, his needs and the property in detail. This optimizes the process, streamlines the feedback, helps the negotiations and simplifies the path to reach any deal.

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